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Manic Attracts- Eyes Wide Shut LP. Vancouver based MANIC ATTRACTS (Featuring Current/Ex- members of Dead Ghosts, Shimmering Stars, Time Copz and Chains Of Love) crawl out of their scuzz ridden lair to pollute the world with their toxically surfy, sort of jangly, spaced out mess. 'Eyes Wide Shut' contains a barrage of snarling feedback and distortion that blurs the lines between psychedelic downer pop and their warped take on garage rock. The guitar tones alone sound like they were played through heavy Fuzz boxes with, both, the pedals and amps set to 'Rawer Than Hell'. Awesomely primitive sounds that make a nice, warm, fuzzy canvas for the spacey, shambolic gloomyness of the music. It's like they've adeptly deconstructed the best parts of the Cramps, Velvet Underground, Zombies and the Stooges; washed those parts in twangy, backwoods grit; threw in some wierdo, warbled backwards guitar slides and reassembled everything into a dark and dusty soundscape that just works.