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MYELIN SHEATHS - Get On Your Nerves LP

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After two raging singles on Hozac and Bachelor, Myelin Sheaths step it up on their debut LP on Southpaw. Myelin Sheaths have crafted their own blend of “Weird Canada” punk and fuzzy garage pop that explodes when it hits your ears. The Sheaths hook you in right away with the opener instrumental track “Gloves” which quickly rips into “Mutations” with a Mummies style organ groove and sets the tone for the rest of the record. Stand out tracks “Everything is Contagious” and “Half- Wit” will become instant classics after a few spins, but you will quickly be knocked on your ass by songs “Do The Mental Shake” and “Dissektor” showing you just how punk this band can be. Blown out production, surfy guitar leads, pounding drums, and a spot on combo of female/male vocals is the perfect concoction to make this a great punk record. Cover art by CM Ruiz.