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PEACH KELLI POP began as an experiment for Allie Hanlon - a way for the drummer to step out from behind her kit and try writing songs. In case you dont know, she‘s the drummer for WHITE WIRES who have two albums out on Going Gaga / Douchemaster and Dirtnap, toured through Europe and USA. Allie Hanlon always had her own musical outlet, since 2009, her music has gone from the Ottawa basements and bedrooms where it spawned, to all corners of Canada and the USA.

She has toured under the PEACH KELLI POP moniker the USA multiple times with various friends completing her live band. Hanlon's output is slow - 3 years after the first self-titled album - her second, also self-titled, is finally due out on Austria's BACHELOR RECORDS. 

This time round you can hear a distinct improvement in production quality. Both albums were written, performed and recorded entirely by Hanlon, and it is clear she has learned a thing or two since her genuinely amateur debut.
The second album is a sort of continuation of the last - songs about love, loss, fun, still laced with the same sass and femininity, but with significantly faster tempos and a welcome dash of distortion.The 10-track album features a diverse range of instruments and is very concise, lasting under 25 minutes. Quick songs with driving 4/4 beats, harmonies and pop melodies for miles.

Recommended for fans of the GOGO‘S, NIKKI & THE CORVETTES, THE QUICK and THE PEECHEES.