Conquest Of Noise



Image of RATTENS KRATER - Stora Stöten EP
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Excellent punk single from this new band from Sweden released on Rättens Krater's own label Republiken Bergslagen Grammofon. The music runs the gamet from faster Punk based garage tunes to warped darker post punk tunes and the way they mix things up really make this band stand out. Influences range from the Swell Maps to The Fall to Gang Of Four to a bit of the Gun Club, and they take those influences and write about things that are familiar to the band based on their selcuded living situation living in smaller towns on the outskirts of the big city. Their’s definately a darker overall atmosphere to the mood of the music and that helps to convey the bleaker, more complex lyrics that they sing about. You definately get the sense that the band came into releasing this debut single with conveying a mood and feeling for the band based on the visuals of the artwork and the grooves on the single and they definately get the job done there. Keep an eye on this band. Very intrigued by this debut.