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THE GAGGERS - Rip You Apart LP

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London rippers the GAGGERS burst on the scene recently with a gaggle of singles that went in and out of print in a heartbeat. After hearing their gritty, scummy sounds I knew these fuckers could dish one helluva full length and low and behold my intuitions were correct! 'Rip You Apart' screeches through 12 loud, fast and grimy scuzzy punk classics that use snarling bouncy riffs and lewd, crude lyrics to carve out supremely awesome, mangled, degenerate sounds. Channeling the same ragged, dysfunctional spit as the Pagans, early GG, the Heartbreakers, Weirdos and the Germs; the GAGGERS fully embrace their sloppy, shambolic ineptitude to puke out a dozen spastic two-minute blasts of nihilistic three-chord brilliance. Gutter-chic stupidity at it's absolute finest here.