Conquest Of Noise



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"Tomorrows Tulips' Alex Knost and Christina Keyes approach simple with ideas that are born and bred with the most pure of intentions faded, stone-drenched, wall-fuzzed rock/pop that reverbs with calming steam."

Tomorrows Tulips hail from California, and make lo-fi indie surfer pop.
“Tomorrow’s Tulips new album Experimental Jelly starts out like any psychedelic California beach-pop album, with the song “Flowers on the Wall”. It is the very definition of the form, from the Zombies-esque texture to the guitar solo that sounds like Brian Eno after getting high. But, through listening to the rest of the album, a concept becomes clear. The first side is all a dream. It begins with the trippy surrealism that all dreams contain to an extent, but very sharply takes a turn into nightmare with track two, “He Quits”. This song sounds as though it was written by a post-Beatles, pre-Double Fantasy John Lennon, and preformed by the Undertakers, only with the voice of Matt Berninger. It goes on to track three “Introduction to a Pile of Confetti and Glue”. This song is far less lucid than the ones before it, more evocative of the unnamable fear of a night terror. It sounds like a Dead Man’s Bones song performed by Neutral Milk Hotel circa 1998. These feelings continue though “Dream Thru” and “Misses Hash”, but are then interrupted by a striking instrumental piece that brings the listener back to reality in “Wake Up”. Side Two, unfortunately, obviously can not continue this concept, but instead seems to follow this same person in their attempt to escape from their working class prison, with songs like “Vacation” “Free” and “Mr. Sun”. All in all, Experimental Jelly is a triumphant sophomore album from Tomorrow’s Tulips, and hopefully indicates a desire to branch out to even more ambitious ideas in their coming work.”